Adam is a mind-reader and mentalist from Denmark 

He has 20 years of experience in convincing people of his ability to manipulate and predict their choices. His shows are very often used as a form of psychological entertainment in Denmark, but his stage shows or close-up shows are also available in Norway, Sweden and Germany where he performs in english for small and larger companies.

By using the means of: NLP, psychology, interpretation of body language and stories, micro expressions, and highly developed observations skills, Adam’s show will leave the crowd thinking that everything is possible.

It is a mind blowing, inspiring and not to forget entertaining show which can be adapted to the group being entertained.

It is psychological show using stunts for the brain where the members of the audience themselves  play an active role in the proces of making things happen.

Using great communication and mental skills Adam will leave every crowd thinking that their minds have been read, influenced and controlled mentally.

Companies are also given the opportunity to understand and use techniques for interpreting and controlling the mindset and thinking process of their co-workers through workshops.

A lot of people are convinced that they cannot be read and especially that their minds and thoughts can not be read but this show proves them wrong.

It is a spectacular show suitable for weddings, parties, and company events that will leave your guests speechless

Companies that have hired Adam for there event